Demography, Democracy, Destiny: Approaching Civil War in India

When time come to head on collision between two religion due to change of demography and one of them want to deny rules of democracy, the destiny is civil war. History tells us who every time how civil war engulf the civilization and cause of massive destruction for human life and property. We have some example of Syria, Lebanon, Sri Lanka , Nigeria, Bosnia, Africa, Ireland, Iraq, Myanmar, Sudan. Every civil war has it own cause. But common is failure of democracy, change of demography and power play.

Demography, Democracy, Destiny: Approaching Civil War in India

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Diseased behind religion

Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world behind Christianity and Islam. But Christian and Muslim religions have a disease which Hindus do not have. They wanted to expand the religions. Hindus do not have this disease because in this religion there is no concept of forcing others or converting others. Well, I’m not here to compare religions. I’m here to talk about the disease of Christianity and Islam and Islam.

The Strategy

There is a strategy for turning the entire world into Islam. Similarly, Christians have the same strategy. Why do they have a problem with someone who is not the religion? Christians believe that Jesus will come and raise the dead from your grave. Only if you are buried in a coffin in Christian style with prayers and all others will be subjected to eternal punishment and destruction.


So, these people want to save you from punishment. That’s why convert to Christianity. How much love? How much compassion? We have seen this display of love and compassion through colonization, going inquisition, rape, murder, wars, and all kinds of crime has been done by Christians in the name of love and compassion. Your love and compassion are atrocious. Nobody wants that.


Similarly, in Islam, they have a disease called catfish in the conflict. So, they are aiming at the entire world. So, these two religions are successful to a large extent, as you see today. More than 50% of the world is Christians and Muslims. Hindus are just 15%. Forget about China. It’s not that easy to convert them because they speak with guns.


Now, this is hard not call, but serious items have been made since ages to turn this green or blue. But they failed. And today they are facing a really, really hard nut call, Narendra Modi. They have used all the strategies that they regularly used in other countries, but nothing seems to be working here in India. They have done illegal migration of refugees, then expanding the population. And this is happening every country in world.


They have occupied positions in politics. They have plundered Rohingyas as vegetable vendors. Punjab. None of them as either culture check. They are doing communal rights in local cities. Well planned and scheduled. Properly funded. Slowly it is changing demography of local area. Ample amount of funding is coming from terrorist organizations and other Islamic countries, especially dedicated to conversions and love jihad. Rampant conversions are happening all over especially in rural areas.


Do you really think Modi is going to protect the nation? One minor dissenter, more than 3 billion people in the opposition. There is a working army equipped. Right now, we have been strategically positioned to indulge in clashes so that the government is constantly busy handling this, making it easy for an outside enemy to defeat us in this situation.


Firstly, do all the 84% Hindus support Modiji? I find people still feeling smart to be neutral and posing great mistakes in BJP. Do you know what’s going to happen, if you don’t mind, and being support for BJP?

Civil War

Let me tell you a short story of what happened to Christians in Lebanon. Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East with this around 68 lakh people up in 1956, Lebanon was a Christian majority country, even after the Ottoman Empire conquered Lebanon in the 16th century and ruled for 400 years.

Lebanon as example

Muslims did not become a majority. That Lebanon and Israel were the only two non-Muslim countries in the Middle East and they were the only two democracies. This particular area is a continuous war zone for the past 70 years. Palestine was, as Israel continues war since 1948. Even today, they are fighting. But what people don’t notice is that when a war happens, it leaves a lot of refugees.


In 1948, Palestine were more than seven lakh (1/10 million) people became refugees. All these people fled to Lebanon because the neighboring countries refused to allow them. You’re getting what I’m saying. The Islamic countries, Jordan and Iran, refuse to give shelter to Muslims. Why? They have a plan to conquer Lebanon. Lebanon was compassionate to allow the refugees. These Muslims sitting there and they did the needful.

Result in 15 years

Look at the results. Over a period of 15 years’ time, they have done population explosion and total change of demography for occupying the positions of power in the democratic country. Funding from terrorist organizations like PLO. Presenting themselves as poor people, minority victim cars and protecting the local Christians there as exploitative class, aggressive class. And finally, dividing the democracy in the left wing and right wing.

Right vs Left

Right wing, obviously, are the local people, rich people, and hence exploitative, undemocratic. Left wing, obviously are the people who are poor people, helpless, the minorities. Don’t you think the similar thing is happening in India? Right wing and left-wing politics. Here it is. Hindus than it is Christians. Do you understand why I clearly declared I don’t belong to the right wing or left wing?

Change of demography in percent

These are labels invented by someone. Don’t tag me with this. Even the Hindu Muslim Christianity labels to create division and havoc. Nothing else. What is important to be followed is Dharma, not religion. So, the Christians in Lebanon couldn’t recognize this happening silently just because they gave shelter to Muslim refugees in 1975. Muslim population began 44% in Lebanon. They have started a civil war which went up to 1990, where the Muslim population began 54% and Christians represented the minority.

Democracy of Lebanon

How did they achieve this modern genocide of Christians? Just like they have been doing this on Hindus here for 70 years. Democracy was totally shattered in 1991 in Lebanon. Terrorist organizations like PLO, Hezbollah, Hamas have taken the power of the state in a matter of 15 years. A flourishing democratic state of Lebanon was turned into a wasteland. If the local Christians of the Lebanon were alert to the happenings, they could have protected themselves.

Approaching Civil War

But they didn’t take it seriously. If we people in India do not wake up and realize the danger of what’s happening in the country, the exact same thing is going to happen to us. Can anyone guarantee that we are not going to become like one more Lebanon? Can anyone guarantee that change of demography would not change the democracy? Do you think your children’s future is safe in this country? Do you want to leave the Gaumata (Innocent cow), into the hand of Halal cut?


I am not aware of the recent deaths of RSS and Bajrangdal Kariyakartas. Wake up. Share this message to all. There’s a war coming.

Why you should be prepare for war?

Self protection is a right. But who will give you protection from evil mind? Prepare your self defense and try to fit for any situation.

How Lebanon changes it religion recognition?

Refugee come with slogan that “They are not danger, they are in danger”. This was slow poison Lebanon injected itself. One day poison turn into civil war.

How demography is changing in India?

Since1947, Islam is increasing rapidly by multi marriage and reproduction of uncontrolled children, without bar of education or food. Political support helps them to grow and works ageist government.

Why this is happening all over world?

Its all bout the rules of Islam. Probably you don’t know about Makki Islam and Madni Islam. These are two phase before and after of conquering an area. For more information you can watch a small interview of Sahil and Sanjay Dixit from The Jaipur Dialogues


Here is a list of important civil wars from around the world, including those inspired by confrontations between religious or ethnic groups. Please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, and some conflicts may have complicated origins that extend beyond religious differences.

Syrian Civil War (2011-present)

A complicated battle involving numerous parties, including the government, rebel groups, and extremist organizations, the Syrian Civil War (2011–present) is raging in Syria. Religious tensions, notably between the Alawite-led government and the Sunni majority, have been a prominent factor.

Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990)

Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, Druze, and Maronites among other religious and ethnic groups were all involved in the multifaceted Lebanese Civil War (1975–1990). The conflict’s main drivers were ethnicity and religion.

Sri Lankan Civil War (1983–2009)

Conflict involving the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a separatist organization primarily made up of Hindu Tamils of Tamil ancestry.

Nigerian Civil War (Biafran War, 1967-1970)

a struggle between the government of Nigeria and the breakaway state of Biafra, which is mainly populated by Christians of the Igbo ethnic group.

Balkan Wars (1990s)

Religious and ethnic tensions, particularly between Orthodox Christians, Catholics, and Muslims, played a crucial role in the battles that resulted from Yugoslavia’s dissolution, including the Bosnian War and the Kosovo War.

Central African Republic Civil War (2012-present)

The Civil War in the Central African Republic (2012–present) is characterized by battles between a number of rebel groups and the government, as well as underlying tensions between Christians and Muslims.

Northern Ireland Conflict (The Troubles, late 20th century)

a protracted war in Northern Ireland between the nationalist and unionist groups that has its origins principally in disagreements between Catholic and Protestant unionists.

Iraqi Civil War (2006-2007 and ongoing instability)

In the years following the American invasion of Iraq, sectarian violence and confrontations between Shia and Sunni organizations have been significant.

Afghan Civil War (ongoing)

Afghan Civil War (Continued): Religious and ethnic divisions, as well as decades of conflict involving many factions, have all contributed to Afghanistan’s enduring instability.

Myanmar Civil Wars (ongoing)

Myanmar has suffered a number of wars involving ethnic and religious divides, most notably the Rohingya Crisis, in which the Buddhist-majority government used violence against the Muslim Rohingya minority.

South Sudan Civil War (2013-2018)

This conflict, which primarily involved the Dinka and Nuer ethnic groups, was brought on by political and ethnic

Pakistan Sectarian Violence (ongoing)

Attacks on Christians and Hindus as well as continuous hostilities between Sunni and Shia Muslims have all occurred in Pakistan.

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